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How many kinds of magnesia?

2020-01-02 14:06:04

The standard name of magnesia manufacturers is sintered magnesia. GB / T 2273-1998 combines the two national standards of "magnesia" "high-quality magnesia" into one standard "sintered magnesia".

Sintered magnesia is made magnesite, magnesite magnesium hydroxide extracted seawater by high temperature calcination. Strong resistance to hydration. The magnesite is calcined at 700-950 ℃ to escape CO2. The resulting magnesia is a soft porous loose material cannot be used for refractory materials; the calcination of magnesite at 1550-1600 ℃ is called sintered magnesia, which is called sintering Magnesia.


The primary calcination two-step calcination process using high-temperature equipment such as shaft kilns rotary kilns. Burned magnesia fired with natural magnesite as raw materials is called sintered magnesia; sintered magnesia is divided into 18 numbers according to its physical chemical indicators See GB / T 2273-1998 for details. It is called fused magnesia by using magnesite the like as a raw material after smelting in an electric arc furnace cooling to a molten state; it is called seawater magnesia by extracting magnesium oxide seawater. Magnesia is one of the most important raw materials for refractory materials. It is used to manufacture various kinds of magnesia bricks, magnesia aluminum bricks, ramming materials, furnace repair materials, etc. Containing more impurities, it is used to lay the bottom of steel making furnace.

High-purity magnesia is produced by flotation purification of natural super magnesite ore, calcined by light burning, fine grinding, ball pressing ultra-high temperature oil shaft kiln. It is a high-quality raw material for making bricks indefinite refractory materials. Middle-grade magnesia is produced by using lightly burned magnesia with a MgO content of 97% as raw material, after pressing balls, high-temperature shaft kiln calcination other processes. The sintering degree is good the crystal is dense. It is a high-quality raw material for producing mid-grade magnesium refractory products.

The fused magnesia is made by using selected special grade A natural magnesite high-purity light-burned magnesium particles melting them in an electric arc furnace. The material has high purity, large crystal grains, dense structure, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock stability, is an excellent high-temperature electrical insulation material, is also important for the production of high-end magnesium bricks, magnesium carbon bricks unshaped refractory materials. raw material.


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Daling Village, Guantun Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province

tel:+86 139-4176-5699

tel:+86 188-4171-2888

Fax:+86 0417-5365657

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